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English - The Future

Put each verb in brackets into a suitable verb form. All sentences refer to future 

1) Listen! He ________________________ (play) the piano in a moment.
2) What time (your class start) ________________________ ?
3) I believe you (not have) ________________________ any problems with this
4) If you don't read this book, you ________________________ (fail) the exam.
5) My plane ________________________ (leave) at 4.00

INGLES- The Future

Explanation and extra examples


  • To make a prediction about what will happen in the distant future.
    • They will go to the university one day.

  • To make a promise
    • I will always be with you.

  • To make a sudden decision to do something
    • I will help with these bags.


  • Plans in the near future.
    • They are going to have a meeting within 10 minutes.

  • Something already decided
    • They are going to buy a house soon.

  • If you have the evidence that something is going to happen in the near future
    • Be careful!! You're going to have problems with it.
    • It's going to rain.


  • Something is already planned to do in the near future.
    • I'm meeting Tom tomorrow morning.


  • To talk about programmes and timetables
    • My train arrives tomorrow at 7:00

1) Listen! He is going to play / will be playing the piano in a moment.
2) What time does your class start?
3) I believe you won't have any problems with this exam.
4) If you don't read this book, you'll fail the exam.
5) My plane leaves at 4.00

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