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English - Good or Well

Complete the sentences with GOOD or WELL

A) My friends are ________ dancers. They all dance really ________.
B) Sorry I can't go. I have got a strong headache today. I don't feel ________.
C) This artist is ________ known.


Complete the sentences with GOOD or WELL

A) My friends are GOOD dancers. They all dance really WELL.
B) Sorry I can't go. I have got a strong headache today. I don't feel WELL.
C) This artist is WELL known.

Explanation and extra examples

Good is an adjective and describes a noun or pronoun. Good es un adjetivo y describe un nombre o pronombre.

  • This is a good house. Esta es una buena casa.
  1. Your friend is a good person. Tu amigo es una buena persona.

Well is an adverb. Adverbs usully tells us how?, in what way?, when?, where?... Well es un adverbio. Los adverbios normalmente nos dicen ¿cómo?, ¿de que forma?, ¿cuándo?, ¿dónde?...

  • He plays well. El juega bien.
  • They run slowly. Ellos corren lento.

Well can be used with a past participle for some expresions:

  • Well done. Bien hecho.

  • Good / Well → Better than.
  • Adj.: She's better than him. Ella es mejor que él.
  • Adv.: He's improving his game. He plays better than last year.

  • Good / Well → The best.

Feel good or Feel well:
We can say "Feel good" and "Feel well". However, there is a difference: Podemos decir "sentirse bien" y "sentirse bien". Sin embargo, hay una diferencia:

If we say "feel good" we refer to an emotional condition (feel happy). Feel bad = feel unhappy.
On the other hand, "feel well" refers to a good health condition. Si nosotros decimos "feel good" hacemos referencia a una codición emocional (sentirse feliz). Sentirse mal = sentirse infeliz. Por otro lado, "feel well" hace referencia a una buena condición de salud. 

The person in sentence B states (that) he / she has got a headache. Therefore, we should use "Well" as he / she is not healty now. La persona en la oración B dice que tiene dolor de cabeza. Por lo tanto, deberíamos usar "well" porque no tiene buena salud ahora.

English - Good or Well

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