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Inglés - El orden de los adjetivos.

Write the adjectives in brackets in the right place:

A) I love her beautiful eyes (big/blue)

B) He's bought a new house (big/lovely)

C) Sandra's got a boyfriend (handsome/young)

D) He's a/an boy (tall/atractive)

English: Adjetive order

Explanation - Adjective order:

Opinion + size + age + shape + colour + pattern + origin/place + material + noun

  • Opinion: beautiful, expensive, cheap, handsome...

  • Size: big, little, small, long... 

  • Age: new, old, young, adult...

  • Shape: long, round...

  • Colour: pink, brown...

  • Pattern: striped, plain, checked, spotted...

  • Origin/place: Spanish, Japanese, Italian, British...

  • Material: plastic, silk, denim, wooden


A) I love her big, blue beautiful eyes (big/blue) [Size + colour]

B) He's bought a lovely, big, new house (big/lovely) [Opinion + size + age]

C) Sandra's got a handsome, young boyfriend (handsome/young) [Opinion + age]

D) He's an atractive, tall boy (tall/atractive) [Opinion + size]

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