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English: Idioms (To take a leaf out of someone's book)

To take a leaf out of someone's book

Remember that an idiom is an expresion that differs in meaning of the literal meaning of its words.(Recuerda que un "idiom" es una expresión con diferente significado al literal de las palabras que aparecen en él.)

Example: It's raining cats and dogs: Está lloviendo a cántaros.

This idiom (To take a leaf out of someone's book) is used when someone does something in the same way as someone else does. It is a way of obtaining a better result.


She admires John for his success and his well-paid job. I believe that she should take a leaf out of John’s book if she wants to be as successful as him.

I will take a leaf out of Thomas’ book. He went to Berlin and right now he can speak German fluently.

Extra note about "Well + past participle"

A well-paid job: a job which is paid well.
A well-written book: a book which was written well.
A well-known author: an author who is known by a lot of people.


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